AppOmni Releases AI Assistant for Easing the Pains of SaaS Security

AppOmni, the SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) provider and SaaS security pioneer, is announcing the launch of AskOmni, an AI-powered SSPM assistant that advances security operations with the power and simplicity of natural language. Developed by the AppOmni OmniScience team, this solution eases the burdens of administrative and security tasks while effectively safeguarding mission-critical SaaS environments.

The complexity of modern SaaS applications has long necessitated a security solution to match its maturity. Managing these complexities is the core focus of SSPM, driving AppOmni to advance threat remediation with the power of AI.

AskOmni is delivered in a user-friendly chat interface that simplifies administrator action with the AppOmni SaaS security platform. Administrators use natural language queries to enable AskOmni to identify and remediate issues, acting as a comprehensive SaaS security assistant, according to AppOmni.

“AskOmni epitomizes our commitment to advancing SSPM,” said Brendan O’Connor, CEO of AppOmni. “This first SSPM AI assistant redefines how users interact with and secure their SaaS environments, exemplifying AppOmni’s dedication to innovation and industry leadership.”

Once AskOmni is initiated, the solution analyzes the user’s environment, delivering contextual information associated with surfaced security issues. AskOmni’s proactive and real-time approach to security assesses the level of risk of an identified issue and prompts administrator action when necessary.

“The benefit of AskOmni is really to guide the user through their journey in securing SaaS as well as to act as a time-saving analyst for them,” said Brian Soby, CTO and co-founder of AppOmni. “Allow the AI engine to do the heavy lifting of the correlation, the analysis, and the data fetching, produced back to you as fully contextualized issues.”

When new threats arise, AskOmni alerts administrators while explaining its potential outcomes and offering remediation steps. Its enterprise-specific remediation support automates code generation for streamlined issue resolution, further amplified by 24/7 user engagement for questions and research.

This sort of support is crucial to any enterprise operating with SaaS, particularly as it relates to the growing edge between adopting effective solutions and tight resource management, according to the vendor.

“In the current macro environment, lots of folks are not getting bigger budgets. They’re being asked to do more with less… [and] these SaaS applications are not getting any less complex. The amount of work needing to be done in order to properly secure SaaS continuously grows,” explained Soby. “What we’re looking to do is to save our customers time, allow them to identify the most important things to them as fast as possible, and really leverage the power of these AI technologies—that are coming into their own—to offload work that they don’t necessarily need to do themselves, manually.”  

AskOmni is built with proficiency in handling sensitive data, including that of protected health information (PHI). AskOmni’s AI engine is not cross-trained on customer data and leaves no residual data artifacts, further ensuring the security of proprietary data. Additionally, the solution offers context-aware notifications based on user permissions and access levels, ensuring that information is only available to those qualified to see it.  

As AskOmni continues to develop, “we’re going to continue to listen to our customers and we’re going to listen to the use cases that they have,” said Soby. Growing in tandem with AppOmni’s customers’ unique needs, AskOmni will iterate to accommodate their individual SaaS security issues.

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