Data Warehousing

Hardware and software that support the efficient consolidation of data from multiple sources in a Data Warehouse for Reporting and Analytics include ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), CDC (Change Data Capture), Data Replication, Data Deduplication, Compression, Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and MapReduce, and Data Warehouse Appliances.

Data Warehousing Articles

AI continues to be a hot topic as we enter 2024, with company's reevaluating the technology's impact and preparing to adapt to the fast-changing landscape. Here, experts share their thoughts on the future of AI for 2024.

Posted January 02, 2024

Dremio, the easy and open data lakehouse, is unveiling the public preview of Dremio Cloud—an enabler of rapid and scalable query performance for analytics workloads—for Microsoft Azure. The SaaS solution, built on Apache Arrow's columnar foundation, combines self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake agility to drive data value and reduce overall costs.

Posted December 21, 2023

In 2023, AI dominated the news cycle while companies raced to implement their own versions of ChatGPT or offer AI-embedded solutions. Oracle boosted its cloud infrastructure along with recognizing the new interest in AI, offering its own generative AI service in OCI. Here, Oracle offers its predictions for 2024.

Posted December 20, 2023

Database performance and scalability are both important aspects of managing and optimizing databases, but they refer to different characteristics and considerations. Database performance refers to how efficiently a database system can respond to and process queries, transactions, and other operations. It is focused on the speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency of database operations.

Posted December 20, 2023

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security software provider, is releasing Foglight Cloud, a new managed-monitoring and optimization platform built on top of the Foglight suite. According to the company, the platform helps businesses manage, monitor, and control their data and IT infrastructure.

Posted December 19, 2023

Data, the potent fuel powering the AI-driven enterprise, is always on the move, as are the tools, technologies, and techniques being employed to manage and deliver it. With the intense emphasis on AI and machine learning these days, it's urgent to ensure that data is available, timely, accurate, and relevant. That means no letup with efforts to ensure data pipelines are flowing unimpeded. With so much at stake, we canvassed industry leaders and experts on what challenges lie ahead and how to address them. Here are some leading issues:

Posted December 18, 2023

Qmulos, a next-generation compliance, security, and risk management automation provider, is releasing Q-Compliance V4.4.0 and Q-Audit V3.7.0, two of the company's flagship technology platforms, adding workflow and ticketing capabilities. According to the company, the latest releases of both products enable customizable processes for organization-specific security and compliance investigations, escalations, and approvals.

Posted December 15, 2023

Breaches and cyberattacks are growing more sophisticated each year despite a growing call for the implementation of more stringent security measures. Here, data security leaders share their thoughts on what lies ahead in cybersecurity for 2024.

Posted December 14, 2023

The use of real-time data has become common in industries such as finance, retail, and healthcare. This has optimized everything from fraud detection to personalized online shopping, even ensuring that hospitals are staffed with appropriately skilled workers and supplies at the right time. Not only is the use of the technology spreading across industries and companies of all sizes and types, it's evolving to integrate streaming event-based data with historical data to provide contextualized (and more intelligent) insight for actions.

Posted December 13, 2023

Neo4j, one of the world's leading graph database and analytics companies, has unveiled a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS aimed toward enabling enterprises to improve generative AI (GenAI) results with greater accuracy, transparency, and explainability by leveraging a combination of knowledge graphs, native vector search, and AWS integrations.

Posted December 07, 2023

Data continues to grow and is poised to double in 2024. To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year, DBTA presents a list of Trend-Setting Products. These products, platforms, and services range from long-established offerings that are evolving to meet the needs of their loyal constituents to breakthrough technologies that may only be in the early stages of adoption.

Posted December 06, 2023

Nihal Mirashi, principal solutions marketing manager at Pure Storage, and Thomas Stutesman, principal field solutions architect at Pure Storage, joined DBTA's webinar 3 Key Strategies to Unlocking Oracle Database Storage Excellence, to guide audiences through effectively managing highly scaled Oracle environments while unlocking superior performance—all without adding complexity or disruptive technologies.

Posted December 06, 2023

Global cloud security leader Trend Micro Incorporated is adding cloud risk management to its flagship cybersecurity platform, enabling organizations to consolidate their cybersecurity efforts and achieve a complete view of cloud security risks across hybrid IT environments.

Posted November 30, 2023

Paul Steinichen, AVP, data and analytics life cycle management at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, and Irem Radzik, senior director of product marketing at Reltio, joined DBTA's webinar, Blue Cross NC's Journey to a Modern Trusted Access Data Platform with Unified Data, to discuss how Blue Cross NC was able to tap into the power of ML and cloud to centralize, standardize, and enrich core business data with efficiency, scalability, and agility at the forefront.

Posted November 30, 2023

Data quality is becoming a hot button issue as more and more businesses aggressively move into artificial intelligence (AI)—both generative and operational—which requires massive amounts of accurate and timely data. The rise of large language models (LLMs)—both publicly available as well as contained within enterprises—to support business decision making and customer communications means data is being pressed into service in new and highly demanding ways as training data and real-time streaming feeds.

Posted November 30, 2023

AWS announced the availability of the Amazon DynamoDB zero-ETL integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service, enabling users to perform a search on their DynamoDB data by automatically replicating and transforming it without custom code or infrastructure. According to AWS, this zero-ETL integration reduces the operational burden and cost involved in writing code for a data pipeline architecture, keeping the data in sync, and updating code with frequent application changes, enabling users to focus on their application.

Posted November 29, 2023

Qlik is offering new integrations and AI-powered solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help its customers embrace and scale the power of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. According to the company, with its integration with Amazon Bedrock, Qlik Cloud users can now easily leverage natural language to create new AI-driven insights on AWS with trusted and governed LLMs such as AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, and Meta, Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies accessible via an API to build and scale generative AI applications.

Posted November 28, 2023

Starburst, the data lake analytics platform, is offering new capabilities that enable organizations to build and scale game-changing data applications without compromising on performance or cost. According to the company, new features in Starburst Galaxy will help customers simplify development on the data lake by unifying data ingestion, data governance, and data sharing on a single platform.

Posted November 28, 2023

groundcover, a cloud-native solution that revolutionizes observability with eBPF, is launching its observability platform for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) environments, with a native integration with the Amazon EKS console. According to the company, this important milestone will allow organizations using Amazon EKS to install groundcover on their managed Kubernetes clusters instantly, as an Amazon EKS add-on, verified and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS).            

Posted November 27, 2023

MinIO Inc., creators of the MinIO object storage suite, is expanding its partnership, along with providing a technical preview to deliver object storage on VMware Cloud Foundation, by integrating with VMware Data Services Manager. According to the companies, this solution will combine VMware Cloud Foundation's more secure enterprise-class infrastructure and the MinIO Object Store to deliver a fully integrated experience for mission-critical workloads running on VMware Cloud Foundation. 

Posted November 22, 2023

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, is introducing New Relic AI monitoring (AIM), an APM solution for AI-powered applications that provides engineers unprecedented visibility and insights across the AI application stack, making it easier to troubleshoot and optimize their AI applications for performance, quality, cost, and responsible use of AI.

Posted November 20, 2023

IONIX is extending its industry-leading Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform with Threat Exposure Radar, a threat exposure management capability fully integrated with an attack surface management solution. According to the company, the product innovation provides a unified view of critical exposures from the entire, expanding, enterprise attack surface across cloud, on-premises, SaaS, and third-party systems.

Posted November 16, 2023

Data mesh is still in its infancy, and data personas and organizations are craving clarity and specificity. It is critical to be aware of the "why" and "what" and fully understand the role that knowledge graphs play when considering adopting a data mesh strategy.

Posted November 16, 2023

Syntax Systems, a global technology solutions and services provider for cloud application implementation and management, has officially acquired Montreal-based Beyond Technologies, enabling the company to further specialize in SAP solution integration and business performance optimization. The deal, which was announced October 3, 2023, brings Beyond, a professional services firm specializing in SAP solution integration and business performance optimization, into the Syntax family.

Posted November 15, 2023

Onapsis, a provider of business application security and compliance, is making pivotal advancements to the Onapsis Platform, catering to cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions. The standout updates spotlight the Onapsis Security Advisor, which now boasts enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) engines that facilitate dynamic industry peer comparisons against hundreds of the world's leading SAP customers.

Posted November 15, 2023

BlueFinity's Evoke platform can help modernize MV applications with enriched features that offer several advantages to the MultiValue marketplace for application modernization and new app development. The platform is designed to empower organizations with MultiValue (and DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server) database systems to modernize and extend their applications in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner.

Posted November 15, 2023

Experts in analytics joined DBTA's webinar, The Future of Analytics: Data Warehouses, Data Lakehouses, and Data Mesh, to offer IT leaders and practitioners best practices and new technologies for navigating where modernity meets analytics.

Posted November 14, 2023

The original intention of surrogate keys across multidimensional database designs was to help optimize joins by keeping all keys, used for joining between facts and dimensions, both numeric and single-columned. Often such surrogates were generated as simple sequential numbers, 1, 2, 3…. Early versions of many relational database products had sub-optimal performance when joining data together via character strings—especially large quantities of data.

Posted November 13, 2023

Entrinsik is announcing the launch of Informer AI, a game-changing solution that promises to revolutionize how users interact with Informer by leveraging artificial intelligence. According to the company, utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Informer AI automates tasks, simplifies workflows, and offers real-time analytics and trend analysis.

Posted November 09, 2023

At the Snowday 2023 event, Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, launched an extensive series of innovations centered around deriving value from AI and powering a robust data strategy that permeates throughout the rest of the application development process.

Posted November 03, 2023

Backblaze, Inc., the specialized storage cloud provider, is debuting "shard stash," an innovation in data upload technology that improves upload speeds, where small file uploads (1MB or less) are 30% faster than AWS S3, according to the company.

Posted November 03, 2023

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is expanding its partner ecosystem with the addition of Monte Carlo, Sigma Computing, and ThoughtSpot, extending Alation's connectivity to new data sources, building upon more than 100 existing connectors that enable organizations to gain insight across the modern data stack.

Posted October 30, 2023

Fivetran, the company automating data movement out of, into, and across cloud data platforms, is announcing its recent achievement of HITRUST certification for the Fivetran Automated Data Movement Platform in all of its cloud regions, worldwide.

Posted October 27, 2023

Stacklet, creators and lead maintainers of CNCF's Cloud Custodian project, is unveiling Jun0, a powerful new assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams speed up cloud governance tasks, reporting, and initiatives using simple text-based queries.

Posted October 26, 2023

According to Gartner, global spending on the public cloud is expected to increase by approximately 20.7% to reach $591.8 billion (about $1,800 per person in the U.S.) in 2023. The advantages of migrating to the cloud are widely recognized. By adopting cloud-first models, businesses can move away from traditional, fixed-cost methods of managing IT infrastructure. Cloud migration allows for controllable, agile, and secure operations that can easily scale as needed while optimizing costs.

Posted October 26, 2023

Databricks, the Data and AI company, is acquiring Arcion, a Databricks Ventures portfolio company that helps enterprises quickly and reliably replicate data across on-prem, cloud databases, and data platforms. According to the company, this move will enable Databricks to provide native solutions to ingest data from various databases and SaaS applications into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. The transaction is valued at over $100 million, inclusive of incentives.

Posted October 26, 2023

Nyriad, the provider of the world's first GPU-accelerated storage system, is unveiling UltraIO-as-a-Service, an on-prem Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) solution designed to address various organizational challenges—such as budget constraints, the rapid proliferation of data, lack of IT talent, operational complexity, and sustainability guidelines—while delivering on agility, ease of use, and billing simplicity.

Posted October 24, 2023

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu and the provider of open source security, support, and services, is releasing Charmed Spark, an advanced solution for Apache Spark that accelerates data engineering across both public cloud and private data centers.

Posted October 23, 2023

Alluxio, the data platform company for data-driven workloads, is unveiling Alluxio Enterprise AI, a high-performance data platform designed to unify performance, data accessibility, scalability, and cost efficiency in powering AI and machine learning (ML) workloads.

Posted October 19, 2023

Recently, companies such as Dropbox, Amazon, Lyft, and Meta, as well as Apple, have used the draconian and cruel layoff approach to economic optimization. Yet while the "R" word is bantered around, the "mainstream media" continues to claim that a recession has not yet arrived. This is despite the academic definition of "recession," that is, consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product growth, as was the case in the first half of 2022.

Posted October 19, 2023

Oracle announced it has acquired Next Technik, a leading provider of field service management solutions for NetSuite customers which is now part of the Oracle NetSuite organization. This acquisition provides field service management capabilities for NetSuite customers, which enables businesses to digitize and streamline scheduling and dispatch.

Posted October 18, 2023