December 2023

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Columns - Database Elaborations

When one hears the term "degenerate dimension," thoughts of teenagers, leather jackets, motorcycles, and petty crime may come to mind. After all, the word "degenerate" is associated with something that is "below normal" or "corrupt." Science tries to rehabilitate degenerate's meaning by using it for a manner of simplification.

Columns - DBA Corner

Database performance and scalability are both important aspects of managing and optimizing databases, but they refer to different characteristics and considerations. Database performance refers to how efficiently a database system can respond to and process queries, transactions, and other operations. It is focused on the speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency of database operations.

Columns - Next-Gen Data Management

Finding a needle in a haystack is next to impossible—so much so, it's become shorthand for the frustration of a fruitless search. Now, imagine you've been told there may be a needle in the haystack, or one could appear at any time, even in a place you already searched. You spend the most valuable hours of your day searching for the needles, but in our case the needle is performance or reliability anomalies. Meanwhile, the haystack grows larger by the second, as more and more is added to the overflowing pile.

Columns - Emerging Technologies

For most of the last few decades, AI has over-promised and under-delivered. However, behind the scenes, very significant advances in deep learning technologies have had a revolutionary impact within important but narrow domains. In 2022 these technologies became generally usable with the release of ChatGPT-3.