ngrok Solves Ingress for Large Developer Communities with JavaScript and Python SDKs

ngrok, the secure unified ingress platform for developers, is announcing the launch of its JavaScript and Python SDKs, expanding ngrok’s ingress-as-a-service model to the JavaScript and Python developer ecosystems. With this launch, ngrok delivers its radically simple ingress capability—which embeds ingress with a single line of code—to JavaScript and Python developers, driving greater performance, resilience, security, and observability.

ngrok’s latest SDKs—which add onto the company’s existing ones for Go and Rust—aim to transform application delivery at the level of the application and its delivery infrastructure.

According to ngrok, modern application delivery is often impacted by hidden dependencies between the application and the infrastructure it is delivered through. These dependencies—such as load balancers and reverse proxies—lead to component misconfigurations that spawn downtime and lost revenue. Developers are then required to manually configure and manage the delivery infrastructure to ensure application success.

ngrok’s SDKs declare ingress directly in the application itself, allowing developers to generate API-defined contracts that control the expected behavior of the application and its interaction with the ingress layer—all with a single line of code.

In addition to the performance, resilience, security, and observability boon that ngrok’s SDKs provide, this solution also empowers platform independence and portability due to the decoupling of application ingress from the hosting environment.

The expansion into the realm of JavaScript and Python reflects ngrok’s dedication to easing the developer workload. With large developer communities behind them, ngrok’s SDKs for JavaScript and Python sets the groundwork for a secure, stable programming model that prevents access disruptions and slow traffic flow to upstream services.

“ngrok’s expansion into JavaScript and Python SDKs is a testament to our dedication to simplifying ingress for developers,” said Alan Shreve, founder and CEO of ngrok. “With these new SDKs, developers in these ecosystems can stop worrying about arcane networking details and focus on the core business logic for their applications, fostering faster innovation and smoother feature delivery. We are committed to building SDKs for all major programming languages.”

Outside of its SDKs, ngrok can be leveraged as a stand-alone service, an interactive CLI, or as a Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

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